Freelance Figma designer

I love figma and have been working with it since the beta stages of release. I find it a great way to collaborate with clients and other designers in teams working on projects large and small.


I am keen to use components within figma where possible to create consistency without the user interfaces that are being created. I often find components to be an efficient way to manage this and depending on the scale of the project these can also have accompanying documentation. Using the various states within the components too gives great flexibility whilst maintaining consistency within the design.


Having come from a front end background I appreciate the prototyping functionality within figma. Although it is not a fully working prototype in most cases it can help test and demonstrate micro interactions such as menu opens and hover states.

Developer friendly output

One thing that figma is superb at is showing code for various elements on the page which is incredibly helpful when matching styles in CSS. It gives developers a really handy way to reference the design files including fonts, spacing and sizes of various elements.

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