Freelance web designer in Bournemouth

I have been working as a web designer for over a decade now and have worked on simple small websites right up to larger scale web systems and interfaces. I pride myself in being one, if not the best web designer in Bournemouth.

Beautiful, user-friendly websites

I create highly functional websites to fit my clients' needs. I work closely with stakeholders, user research and other available information to understand the requirements and then create a bespoke design from that. I work with clients globally as well as clients local to Bournemouth, UK.

A development aware designer

Having originally started out as a front-end developer I have a great understanding of how websites are made. This has equipped me superbly to make intuitive and creative interfaces for websites within the limitations of code.

A WordPress expert

During all my time as a freelance website designer and developer I have been creating websites in various systems. The most common CMS I have used though is WordPress. I create bespoke themes in WordPress using PHP, HTML, Javascript and CSS. I do not use pre-built themes or sitebuilder themes. The themes I build are tailored to the requirements of my customer and are based on signed off designs.

A local presence

I appreciate that some of my clients have wanted in person meetings at times and that is often made easier when in the same (or nearby) location. Being based in Bournemouth, I have met people in coffee shops, restaurants and offices to discuss website projects.

Need extra support at your agency?

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Say hello.

Say hello and tell me about your project.

Whether you know a little or a lot about what you want I still want to hear from you and see if we can work together. Drop me a line with as much detail as you like.


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