Freelance web designer working with agencies

I often work with agencies to help them at times when they need to upscale resource for particular projects or times. I am happy to work as 'white label' or to work openly as a freelancer.

How do I work?

I work on a project basis typically although I can offer concentrated retained hours over a duration if desired.

What is your experience of working with agencies?

I have worked for five agencies in the last 10 years. The agencies I have worked with and for have varied in size considerably from a startup to a larger 60-man agency. I am used to working with smaller teams / individuals as well as larger teams.

How expensive am I?

Well that is a tricky question to ask but ultimately you will want to know what your project will cost. Every project is different so to give a cost idea would be somewhat pointless - please do get in touch and we can discuss requirements, timing and costs further.

What makes me different from others?

I think my unique offering lies in that I have both development and design skills. These two services complement each other exceedingly well when offering freelance services to clients. Even if only one service is utlised the expertised in the other often comes into play - whether it is a clear and accurate hand off to developers or further explore design concepts with designers to understand the proposed solutions desired implementation during development.

How long have I been doing this?

Since 2009. That makes me feel old but yeah, quite some time. I have worked on a whole range of projects and products as a freelance designer and a freelance developer as well as a good degree of experience at agencies in that time too.

What do I use to design my websites?

The nature of freelance design means communication is sometimes tricky but this is really enhanced using Figma. Figma is incredible and allows for designs, prototypes and comments to be stored and reviewed in the cloud. I love it.

I am definitely a bit of a figma fan boy

What is your availability?

I can usually work something out with most clients but honestly it depends on what you need and by when. Talk to me and we can see if we can work together.

Can you be discrete?

Yes and I am happy to sign an NDA. I appreciate sometimes that I am hired for a project and asked to deliver it as part of an agency team. I prefer to work in a transparent way where people know who is who and what is what (and I think people are generally more accepting of that nowadays) but I am happy to adapt where possible as long as rules of engagement are stipulated before / early on in the project.

Need extra support at your agency?

Let's have a chat about how I can help you with upcoming projects and workload.

Say hello.

Say hello and tell me about your project.

Whether you know a little or a lot about what you want I still want to hear from you and see if we can work together. Drop me a line with as much detail as you like.


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