Clothes 2 Order

A UX, UI and CRO project for a clothes customisation tool.

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The brief

They had an old customisation tool that was built some time ago and needed updating in both appearance and functionality. The task was to improve the usability and scalability of the customisation tool so that they could use it on all their products on the site.

The solution

I challenged the way their team thought about the problems they were trying to solve. This meant that we truly enhanced the offering to customers intead of just reskinning a solution that was struggling. I designed a full UI for the customisation tool and this has since been implemented in stages to test accurately.

The results

They saw great successes with the new system and are still testing and refining it to this day. In this case the majority of my work was done with some critical thinking, design critiquing and a UI design which lead to them enhancing their offering over time which in turn increased sales of customisable products considerably.

"Matt worked well with our team and really helped challenge our thinking.

He made a point to further understand the way our customers use the system and as a result we have made significant improvements to our system. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend Matt and we'd love to use him again on similar project in the future.

Simon Turner
Clothes 2 Order

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