A new UI design for a car finance application process.

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The brief

I was tasked with bringing their self-serve journey for car finance quotes and applications to life. This included the journeys of car-first, finance-first and finance only customers. Meeting customers expectations at different journey points was the challenge whilst ensuring they felt catered to at all times.

The solution

I created a set of wireframes followed by rich on-brand user interface designs that considerably enhanced the way their customers signed up. This made the whole process a lot more intuitive and also gave more freedom to their customers without being bamboozled by choice.

The results

They saw a big increase in the amount of applications and a decrease in the amount of drop offs from their previously lengthy and inneficient process. As part of what I did with the team I trained a junior designer to carry on with the style guide and visual identity I had created and echo it to other projects.

"Matt was a fantastic extension to our in-house team ...

Matt adopted our brand guidelines and designed a new product offering in keeping with our existing digital ecosystem. He even helped us improve our style guide in the process which scaled to a company-wide level. We are more than delighted with the results and have comissioned him for further reviews of other parts of our digital offering."

Sam Bond

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