Golden Groove

Golden Groove

The brief

With the previous website built in WordPress the client was keen to stick with the popular CMS solution. The main changes were to be structurally different with regards to act categorisation, with the idea that the acts could be accessed far easier by users of the website.

The solution

Using WordPress I delivered a solution that was both easy to use and flexible for future development. The website now boasts easy-to-access acts with a constant focus on an enquiry form. This allows users to enquire quickly about an act or category in a fast-paced market. The website has potential for growth as the company grows alongside it with Golden Groove already branching out from the UK to the Czech Republic.

Boasting over 65 unique acts the site appeals to a wide audience. The site is accessible on mobile, tablet and desktop and allows people to search the library of acts and request to book one. The team at Golden Groove also have the ability to completely manage acts which included allowing them to:

  • Add, edit and delete any act
  • Manage audio and video for acts
  • Display a range of photography for each act
  • Categorise and index acts in an intuitive and logical way
  • Optimising each act to allow for better search engine visibility on certain key phrases

Type of project

A WordPress site used to showcase various musical acts and tracks.

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What they said

We are really VERY pleased with Matt’s work and will be sure to recommend his services further.”

Annie Cerna Golden Groove Entertainment