Good Oaks

A UX review and location page design for a home care company.

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The brief

I was tasked with doing a review on the location pages on the Good Oaks Home Care website. These pages served many purposes and the review I was doing was also in tamdem with SEO updates made to directly impact rankings in a positive way.

The solution

I provided a report of some improvements that could be made to the page along with justifications to support my thinking. The result was that I ended up redesigning this page with those suggestions in mind. The pages were very content heavy so it was a challenge to surface this information without it feeling like a lengthy page to consume. Once I designed this solution I passed it over to their developer to build.

The results

The client has seen some great results and upturns in their goals from these pages. The location pages have also started to rank a little better so overall the project was a success and working in tamdem with the SEO improvements worked well.

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