Littlethorpe Manor

A new WordPress design and build for manor house.

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The brief

Littlethorpe Manor approached me about a website redesign. Their site was out of date and hard to use and manage. They wanted me to polish the visual identity of the brand when doing the creative of the website - currently there were no defined colour schemes, logos or fonts to maintain a consistent brand identity.

The solution

I restructured their navigation working closely with them to enhance how this worked. I then designed a rich and crisp website using their new imagery and defined colours, fonts and newly updated logo which I made for them. I built the website creating a bespoke theme in WordPress tailored to what their design required.

The results

An efficient and easy to use booking form that allows visitors to book and request certain dates for a visit has increased the amount of bookings they have received. The website continues to gain complements and gain interest from potential visitors and previous visitors.

"Matthew created a new site well within budget and timeframe but far beyond expectations ...

We had not updated the site in well over 10 years. We discussed the project with Matthew over zoom and explored how we wanted to use the updated site and how this had changed over the years. We did a complete refresh, but keeping it simple for easy customer usage. We discussed our customer journey and how we may like the overall look to fee like. Matthew came back with a completed refreshed journey and a site well beyond our expectations and has transformed how we now take bookings, making for a more efficient process for both customer and ourselves. We will 100% reuse him for future business and have and would recommend him to other businesses."

Charles Thackray
Littlethorpe Manor

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