NK Massage Therapy

NK Massage Therapy

The brief

Like many clients, Natasha first came to me with a website that she had made herself. It was one of the better self-made ones I’ve seen and I was genuinely impressed with how imaginative and resourceful she’d been with it. However, she had indeed outgrown it and needed a more bespoke and creative solution to give her the desired professional web presence.

The goal was to provide Natasha with an easy-to-manage website that she could use to generate leads. The main purpose of the website was to build confidence in Natasha’s ability and professionalism as a sports massage therapist.

The solution

The website showcases the variety of different muscular treatments for different areas of the body as well as housing a blog area which is updated with articles showcasing her impressive knowledge of her trade as well as related topics such as dietary advice.

Due to the nature of the way the new website has been built, Natasha has seen a big rise in search engine rankings and following from that she has had more enquiries too. Many of her clients have remarked on how professional and slick the website is. She has also added to her blog with content-rich articles that back up her expertise.

Type of project

A WordPress blog and information site.

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What they said

Matt is an extremely creative, logical and dedicated web designer. From the very start he listened to my ideas and was able to take my thoughts and turn them into an incredible website, which has gone a long way to turning my once small business around.

Natasha Kenworthy