Savvy Investor

A UX and UI design project for a global investment network.
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The brief

Savvy Investor had a current site that was looking cluttered and overpopulated with features. This meant that users were often confused and found themselves lost within layers and divisions of content.

The solution

I helped by creating a full set of wireframes on desktop and mobile and then high fidelity designs for each page too. The new designs surfaced content separation in a clear way and kept the user informed via the UI of where they were and what was available to them.

The results

The team at Savvy have undergone a lot of changes and within the pandemic they were sold to a larger company. They are in the process of updating the site to the new design whilst possibly replatforming.

"Matt is a talented designer and developer of WordPress sites ...

He is quick and efficient, and is fantastically flexible. The project was produced well within our schedule and budget. Matt understood our brief and produced a modern and attractive design, with an admin section that is very easy to update. I would highly recommend him for your next project."

Joe Gallant
Savvy Investor

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