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A new WordPress design and build for an SEO expert.
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The brief

Tom approached me with a website he had built on his own using Wix for his new business as an SEO Consultant. This is quite common and fully understandable that people try and save costs like this when starting up a new business. Tom needed his website to be mainly there for validation so people could see his expertise. Naturally though he also wanted it to rank well so having key customsation for search schema was a vital requirement.

The solution

I designed and built Tom a brand new website in WordPress. He was delighted with the end product and the control he now has over his content and search schema. Tom populated the website with all of his content with full control over headings, meta data and URLs.

The results

Tom got a brand new lead the very same day his site launched which is quite an achievement for a project of this scale. He has since grown his business and is enjoying more and more success marketing himself of social media.

"The project has been a complete success, with the site now ranking in position 1 for my desired keywords and driving regular enquiries.

Having worked with Matt on several website design and builds for clients in the past, I knew my own website would be in safe hands with him. My objective was to create a website which had a strong foundation in SEO so that I could rank for specific keywords and drive organic conversions. Matt designed the look and feel I was hoping for, whilst being incredibly responsive to any feedback, and built the site exactly to my requirements.

Tom Crewe
Tom Crewe SEO

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